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Passion Spas - Refresh (NEW)

Passion Spas - Refresh (NEW)

£7,645.00 Regular Price
£5,495.00Sale Price

Dims.: 204 x 204 x 85 cm
Number of people: 5
Number of jets: 34

The Spa Refresh is a very popular spa in our Pure Collection. A comfortable recliner with good lower back support for great relaxation, and effective leg AquaRolling™ jets that radiate down the legs to deliver lymphatic and circulatory therapy towards your heart. One of the corners in the Spa Refresh has been updated to include rotating jets. This type of jets enhances your hydrotherapy, massaging your major muscle groups and stimulating surrounding tissue. The other corner is equipped with active vibrating jets, creating an entertaining variation in the spa. Of course, the spa Refresh is equipped with important features such as Hybrid Heating™, Energy efficient filter pump, Easyclean Shield™, Ozone generator, Aromatherapy and much more..


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