Orinoco Pool

*Delivery charges apply, contact us for a quote.
*extra charges for installation and commissioning also for swim spa acessories such as steps, cover lifters and rowing kits etc

The Orinoco is a no nonsense fitness pool designed with exercise in mind. This fitness pool with stand up massage station and exercise/rowing kit is ideal for serious swimmers or those that already have, or would like, separate pool and spa. Its fully insulated shell makes it the perfect alternative to a traditional pool.



  • Balboa control system
  • Overlap shell finish
  • Waterproof Spa Base
  • 8 Underwater LED Lights
  • LED Perimeter Lighting
  • LED controls
  • 8 LED Crystal water fountains
  • Stand Up Massage Station
  • Tiled Swim lane
  • Tiled Waterline
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Ozone
  • Thermo Pane High Density Foam Insulation
  • Auxiliary Control Panel - Aquadynamic only
  • 2 Piece Deluxe UL Listed Insulation/Safety cover
  • Chemical Starter Kit


  • 2 LED Cascading Waterfalls
  • Pro-Swim System
  • Turbo Charged Hot Air Blower
  • Bluetooth Stereo with Subwoofer
  • Waterways variable speed power pack for 3 river jet system 
  • Balboa wifi upgrade
  • Auxiliary heater controller (installed)
  • Titanium LPHW heat exchanger (installed)
  • 3KW slave heater
  • Designer glass waterline tile


  • 4 Tread synthetic 1.9M x 810mm Swimspa step
  • 4 Tread synthetic 910mm x 810mm Swimspa step
  • 3 Tread synthetic 910mm x  810mm Swimspa step


  • Base Mount Cover Lifter
  • Top Mount Gas Assist Cover Lifter


  • Dual Garden Lounger with Heater Lights and Insect Repeller
  • Flame Tower Patio Heater
  • LED Spa Access Handrail
  • Additional Pro-Swim Tether Kit - Red, Green, Black, Blue and Yellow. Includes quick connect couplings

Orinoco Pool