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Master Spas (Michael Phelps) Momentum Deep

With the MP Momentum Deep, you don’t have to choose between a backyard swimming pool and a hot tub. Two sets of temperature controls allow you to exercise in cooler water and retreat into warm water up to 104 degrees. A generous swim area is ideal for aquatic fitness and refining your stroke. And the innovative propulsion system delivers asmooth, wide current that you can adjust based on your wellness goals. The adjoining hot tub features ergonomic seating and adjustable jets that target your pressure points to promote relaxation and recovery — for your body and mind.

Dimensions 587 cm x 239 cm x 152 cm (231"x 94"x 60")
Dry weight | Full weight 1,678 kg | 10,979 kg
Water capacity 8,801 Litres

Heat Pump Ready
Elite Performance Propeller Driven Swim Spa
Wave XP Propulsion
3 Pumps
45 Stainless Hydrotherapy Jets + 2 Master Blasters
Bluetooth Music System - Optional
LED lighting
WiFi Control
Titanium Heater
Cabinet Wave lighting™
CEC™ Approved for Optimal Energy Efficiency
Manufactured in the USA by Master Spas™
Includes Cover, Lifter & Watercare Kit

Master Spas (Michael Phelps) Momentum Deep

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