The Amazon is a larger version of the Orinoco. More than a meter longer and 30cm deeper with an extra 1000 litres water capacity you can really feel the extra space in an Amazon fitness pool. As with the Orinoco the Amazon is supplied with exercise/ rowing kit but is available in 3 different performance power settings, above or in ground. 



  • Balboa Controls
  • Overlap Shell finish
  • Waterproof Spa Base
  • Ozone 
  • Stand Up Massage Station
  • Exercise Equipment
  • 8 LED crystal water fountains
  • 8 Underwater LED Lights
  • LED Perimeter Lighting
  • LED Controls
  • Exercise Bars
  • Tiled Waterlane
  • Tiled Swimlane
  • Auxiliary Control Panel - Aquadynamic
  • Thermo Pane Foam Insulation
  • 2 Piece Deluxe UL Listed Insulation/Safety Cover

Amazon Pool


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